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Moneygun Run

Moneygun Run is a fun shooting game. You control a money gun on a road full of valuable items. You need to shoot enough coins at that item to get it.

About the Moneygun Run game

Game missions

In this game, your goal is to shoot buildings with your money pistol while collecting vehicles by purchasing them. Use your coins to make yourself richer every time you take a turn by passing through gates to enhance your money gun!


To get the money gun to the finish line of each level, you need to control its direction. Try to stay away from things you can't destroy right now to achieve this. If you happen to encounter them. The game will end and you will be stuck.

Tips in the Moneygun Run game

Use portals to enhance your financial arsenal. The blue gate will increase the rate of fire, the yellow gate will increase the money shot, and the green gate will increase the value of the money. Red gates should be avoided as they will reduce the gun's stats.

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