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Retro Bowl

Attend American soccer matches in Retro Bowl

A new American football game called Retro Bowl is launched now. Play it now and attempt to guide your team to become the champion of the football league.

This invites you to become the leader of American football. Your mission is to direct all members of your team to win all football matches to earn as many Coaching Credits as possible. Note that a team includes the Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Offensive Linesman, Defensive Back, Defensive Linesman, and Linebacker. Each position has a distinct role. you must learn about their roles before entering an American football match.

Your mission is not only in the football match but also in the Front Office. Upgrading your training facilities and the Salary Cap are super important. Moreover, you also need to upgrade your stadium to make your fans more positive. After each American football match, some players will get hurt. Therefore, you need to help them recover quicker and have good conditions by upgrading Rehab Facilities.

How to control

Navigate - Mouse / Trackpad

Select - LMB

Complete all achievements in Retro Bowl

In this game, you need to complete three kinds of achievements. Each achievement requires you to complete a different mission.

  • Game Achievement: You can complete 26 game achievements when you join the American football matches.
  • Career Achievement: During your career, you need some achievements..
  • Front Office Achievement: When you upgrade different things in the Front Office, the Front Office Achievements will be accomplished.
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