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Clicker Heroes

Guidelines for newbies to play Clicker Heroes

Try playing Clicker Heroes and take down monsters with constant clicks. Use the gold to upgrade your heroes and explore wonderful lands now.

In this game, you will transform a hero whose mission is to defeat monsters in your realm. To kill them, you must click constantly on them. If you do that, the monster will lose a lot of blood and ultimately die. In each level, you must knock out 10 monsters to earn many golds. When you have a lot of gold, you can hire more heroes. They will help you eliminate monsters and collect coins. Let's build the strongest hero team and discover different lands.

There are three playing styles that you can choose in this game. They are Idle, Active, or a Hybrid of both. If you select Idle, you don't need to look at the game at all times. For the Active, you need to stay in front of the screen and play the game at all times.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to play.

All achievements in Clicker Heroes

When playing this game, you have to complete many achievements. These achievements are classified into 15 kinds. Here is the list of achievements in the game and how to get them.

  • Gold-related achievements: If you want to get these achievements, you must collect as many coins as possible.
  • Hero-related achievements: Try to get and level up your heroes to earn these achievements.
  • DPS-related achievements: To gain these achievements, you must upgrade your weapons.
  • Click-related achievements: Click on monsters as many times as possible to get these achievements.
  • Skill-related achievements: You must complete many quests for skills to get these achievements.
  • Ruby-related achievements: Attempt to finish many quests for rubies to earn these achievements.
  • Zone-related achievements: Do your best to beat as many zones as possible to complete these achievements.
  • Ascension-related achievements: Ascend the world to get these achievements.
  • Hero Soul-related achievements: To unlock these achievements, you must complete quests for heroes souls.
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