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Hanger is a rope swing game that is a bit adventurous but very good! Rotate as far as possible but be careful not to lose many body parts! Avoid chainsaws and collect coins to unlock new ones.

When it comes to shooting your rope, timing is everything; press too early and you'll be too high, and press too late and you'll be too low, resulting in body parts being lost! To safely pass the obstacles, find the sweet spot. To beat your high score, travel as far as you can as the level becomes increasingly difficult.


You can quickly attach a rope.

The element of physics is crucial.

Collectible coins to unlock additional awesome characters.

If you step on a trap, your body parts may be torn.

Over 100 Hanger-killing levels!

Over 250 levels created by players - new ones are added daily!

Level Designer! Make levels and share them with others!

Game Center Leaderboards for Speedrun Mode!

Amazing ragdoll-swinging action with insane physics!

Earn awesome rewards for your Hanger!

Unknown Ninja Character!

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.

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