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Rocking Sky Trip

Start your journey to control the rolling ball in the game Rocking Sky Trip now. Experience rolling the ball on a challenging path and collect lots of pink diamonds.

Features Rocking Sky Trip game

Game genre

Rocking Sky Trip belongs to the genre of fun and attractive skill games.

Game missions

  • You must control the ball as it rolls down a difficult path in this game. Try to control your ball to the target safely.
  • These are some features of the game.
  • To challenge players, this game has a series of levels and modes available.
  • You can choose a favorite ball and start your journey.

Some tips

You must master ball control in the game Rocking Sky Trip to be able to jump and change direction quickly. It is a method of helping the ball move along the track while avoiding obstacles.

The fairway has some obstacles, such as high bricks and unclear holes.

Try to practice professional ball control using the mouse.

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