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Maybe you want to play.

The more points you eat in, the faster you become. The fastest Paceman wins the race and takes first place on the leaderboard. Green and red powers spawn at random around the map, providing various types of boosts or decreases. Stay away from the round saws! When they collide, they kill instantly.

How to Play is a game where you control the rotation of your Paceman. Paceman is controlled by moving your mouse, in which case Paceman will move in the direction of your mouse. Paceman can also be controlled using the A and D keys, as well as the left and right arrow keys. Paceman can also perform a powerful 'dash' move by pressing and holding the mouse button or spacebar for a short period of time before releasing it. Paceman will slow down while 'charging up,' and then move very quickly forward in a 'dashing' move once released. You can eath other players by hitting them from behind. Otherwise, your speeds will bounce back and forth.

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