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Fall Race Season 2

Fall Race Season 2 is a colorful platform game that is fun to play. Demonstrate your abilities on various maps and make the right moves at the right time to come in first! Each map is distinct from the others, necessitating the use of distinct skills.

Put on your running shoes and take a deep breath. The competition is about to begin. Take a seat at the starting line and let your inner Usain Bolt loose. Do you notice the large crowd? They are, in fact, taking part in the race. However, only one will emerge victorious in the end. The winner of this competition will be rewarded with eternal glory. But, more importantly, are you capable of winning this competition? Your goal is to cross the finish line first and place first in the race. There will be 30 people when the marathon begins.


Use the WASD or arrow keys to move around and the space bar to jump.

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