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Robot Super Hero Fighting

Robot Super Hero Fighting is an attractive action game. The city is being occupied by bad guys, your task is to destroy them to restore the city's peace.

The city is less crowded because the bad guys of the mafia gangsters are occupying. They make the city desolate and ruined. You have to represent the citizens to demand justice. Fight with them to return the town to its original state. You will be carrying a lot of responsibility and the trust of the public. Use your skills to defeat them. They could strike singly or simultaneously, which would be quite difficult for you. To destroy them, you need to use flexibly attacks and move quickly to avoid their attacks. You can jump or block their attacks. Punch or kick to knock them down.

Try to survive as many levels as possible. You will be able to unlock your warriors. They have many powerful moves to help you defeat all enemies. Do not miss any items you see during battle. These items will be your perfect partner in the battle to protect the peace of the city. People are eager to hear about your victory. Are you this community's source of pride? Protect the city at any costs.

Features of Robot Super Hero Fighting:

  • There are many levels with different difficulties for you to try.
  • Many skills help to complete the level.
  • Sharp graphics, smooth performance.
  • Though arduous, the challenge is also appealing.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use the Z key to punch.
  • Use the X key to kick.
  • Use the C key to block.
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