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In the MLG Edition video game, your goal is to amass as much power as possible by eating as many snacks as possible, such as eat doritos or drink cans.

The playing instruction MLG Edition

Get started with this brand new snake game, and just like in all snake games online, your objective is to guide your worm snake through the shadowy environment, consuming food quickly to gain mass, and defeating and consuming the other smaller players in an effort to grow into the biggest, toughest, and longest slither. The most essential and useful feature of snake games is the ability to activate the assistance option. It speeds up the twisting process. You can dress your worms in a wide variety of skins, including those resembling birds, pigs, skeletons, felines, drawing games, micro worms, the sword, a tube, a safety belt, a tank, and knuckles.

How to play

Roam around the area and consume various MLG items, such as Mountain Dew and Cheetos, to increase your size and strength as you progress through the game.

You can murder other players by pressing your body against theirs, and then you can consume what's left of them. Take pleasure in the tunes and one-of-a-kind sound effects that have been thoughtfully composed for this serpent parody game.


Use the mouse.

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