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Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot

Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot is an engaging and fun 3D shooting game. You play as a warrior cat and your mission is to protect the cat world from evil people.

Game features

Game missions

In this game, you have to perform the duties of a brave cat warrior. To save the planet from a deadly epidemic, you must fight nasty zombie cats, save kidnapped kittens, and improve your weapons. There will be a variety of weapons available to you, including flamethrowers, rockets, machine guns, grenades, and even black holes. In addition, you will have to confront powerful and dangerous zombie bosses. Do your best to keep your city safe.

Game graphics

The fun animations, vivid dynamic sounds, and stunning 3D graphics are the game Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot highlights. All ages can enjoy this game, but it's especially great for people who like shooting guns and love cats.

Some tips

  • You should aim for the zombie's head for maximum damage and to save ammunition. Additionally, you can aim the gun toward nearby objects to create secondary effects such as fire, explosion, or suction.
  • It would help if you used appropriate weapons in each case. To switch between weapons, press the Q or E button. Each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, grenades cause great damage but are expensive, while machine guns fire quickly but have poor accuracy.
  • To get more power, you should update your weapons. The money you get from killing zombies and achieving goals can be used to buy upgrades. Statistics such as damage, rate of fire, ammo capacity, etc., can all be upgraded. Additionally, you can buy various accessories for your cat such as armor, hats, and glasses.
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