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In the game, you start out as a very small fly. Find sustenance while avoiding being slain by other players on a crowded battlefield.

Explore the game

Find a lot of tasty foods to consume before your enemies take you! Every species of animal has its own prey and its own predators, so you need to watch out that a larger animal doesn't consume you. In order to keep yourself alive, you will frequently need to search for sources of drink and atmosphere. That's a lot of effort, so you'll probably feel parched at some point. Keep a check on your moisture level and drink water as needed, but be careful! If you splash around in a stream for too long, you'll drown. With any hope, you can evolve into more complicated animals like insects and birds if you just keep moving quickly and soaring. Sooner or later, you'll even be able to chomp down on the little critters that inhabit the lower tiers of the food chain.

How to play

Use the mouse to direct your critter.

Left click to fly.

Right-click to use a special ability.

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