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Dadish 3

Dadish 3 is a challenging adventure in which you explore a thrilling world, face adversaries themed after fast food, and reunites with your lost children.

About the character Dadish

The vast majority of Dadish speakers are kind and welcoming. On his travels, he cheerfully welcomes anybody he comes across, despite though they almost always want to kill him. Dadish is too worried about the well-being of his kids. Even though he gets angry with them often, it's because they put themselves in harm's way, and he'll go to any lengths to ensure their safe return.

How to play

The goal of you must double-jump over large distances and escape dangerous spike traps and enemies. All this is for the sake of keeping your kids from wandering too near to a factory that makes vegetable soup, but you can earn bonus points and unlock hidden areas by finding stars and keys.

The game has a straightforward objective, but the real fun comes from hearing Dadish and his offspring quarrel with one other. You'll have deep (and shallow) chats with them when you rescue them at the conclusion of each level, covering anything from your passion for eating sand to why you gave jungles a one-star rating.


Space - jump.

Arrow keys to move.

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