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Welcome to the fascinating and ever-evolving world of, a thrilling and addictive online multiplayer game that will put you in the heart of the wilds! In, you will embark on a journey of survival and growth, starting as a small and vulnerable creature, and then trying to rise up the food chain by becoming smarter and outperform other players as well as formidable creatures.

Set in a vibrant and visually stunning environment, offers a unique combination of strategy, skill, and adaptability. As you navigate the diverse biomes, you'll come across countless creatures, each with their own unique abilities and traits. Your duties? To consume, evolve and dominate the food chain by progressing through different levels of animals.

How to play

Choose a server: When you first enter the game, you need to choose a server to join. Choose a server that suits your location and offers a comfortable level of gameplay.

Choose an animal: You start with a small creature, such as a mouse or shrimp. Your goal is to survive, evolve and become the strongest animal in the game. Move your animal with your mouse pointer or touch controls if you're playing on a mobile device.

Collect Food: As you move around the map, look for colorful food dots. Consuming these dots will increase your experience points (XP) and allow you to increase in size. The more you eat, the higher your XP.

Track your water and energy: Track your water and energy levels, indicated by bars near your animal. Different animals have different water and energy needs. Stay hydrated by drinking water from lakes, rivers, or other water sources. Use your energy wisely, as it is needed for various actions.

Evolve and Upgrade: As your XP increases, you will reach a certain XP threshold that allows you to evolve into a new animal. Each animal has its own abilities and characteristics, so choose your evolution wisely. Some animals can climb trees, while others can fly, swim or burrow.

Beware of Predators: While you are on your journey to becoming the ultimate predator, remember that there are larger animals out there that can eat you. Be cautious and avoid larger creatures until you are strong enough to challenge them.

Reach the Ultimate Predator: Your ultimate goal is to evolve and climb the animal hierarchy until you become the game's ultimate predator. Achieve this by increasing in size, mastering your animal's abilities and surpassing other players.

Remember, practice makes perfect in As you gain experience and become more familiar with the mechanics, you increase your chances of survival and success in this thrilling and dynamic online world.

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