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Subway Surfers Marrakesh

The gameplay of Subway Surfers Marrakesh

Jake invites you to take part in a new adventure in Subway Surfers Marrakesh. Explore a former imperial city in western Morocco and escape from an inspector.

This game is the one hundred-thirtieth-three installment of the Subway Surfers series which will take you to a new country. This game takes place in Marrakesh which is a chief city of central Morocco. In this city, Jake is chased by an inspector in the subway one more time. You need to help him and it is an opportunity for you to discover this beautiful city. Guide the main character to jump, roll down, or move left or right to evade trains and barriers scattered along the subway. Running the farthest distance is your ultimate objective. Besides, another goal is to collect coins and letters along the subway. Do not worry as you will receive assistance from the power-ups along the way. Just grab them and then they will help you collect more coins and run further. Note that if you die because of hitting obstacles, you can use one key to revive. However, the number of keys you have to pay will increase if you want to revive one more time. Your score will be saved on the leaderboard. Therefore, you can return to the home page and open the leaderboard to know what your rank is.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to jump, slide down, and move left or right.

Press the Spacebar to activate the hoverboard.

New updates in Subway Surfers Marrakesh

In this new version, you can see a new character named Taha. You must pay 25000 event coins to get this character. Moreover, the character named Aina has a new outfit called Blue Outfit. The price of this outfit is 16.000 event coins. In addition, this new edition also introduces a new board called Camel. This board costs 15.000 event coins.

Not only does this game introduce a new character, outfit, and board, but it also offers a marathon event. Join it now and prove that you are the fastest runner.

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