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Rooftop Snipers

Rooftop Snipers is an exciting shooting game. In this game, your objective is to shoot down your enemy and score 5 points first to get a victory.

Get ready to participate in the gun duel between stickmen. This gun duel takes place on the rooftop of the high building. Your mission is to use your sniper to aim accurately and shoot down your opponent. Jump as high as possible to dodge your rival's attack. The game is over if you fall into the street. Therefore, be careful. Try to take your stickman under your control. You will score one point after killing your enemy. The first one who scores 5 points is victorious.

This shooting game features 2 modes including 1 PLAYER and 2 PLAYER modes. If you play the game alone, choose a 1 PLAYER mode to fight against the computer stickman. If you want to play this game with your friend, choose a 2 PLAYER mode.

Features of Rooftop Snipers:

  • 2 modes including 1 PLAYER and 2 PLAYER
  • Many fighting arenas and costumes
  • Captivating 2D pixel and catchy music

How to play:


  • Press a W key to jump
  • Press a E key to shoot


  • Press a I key to jump
  • Press a O key to shoot.
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