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Realistic Zombie Apocalypse 2022

Realistic Zombie Apocalypse 2022 is a thrilling shooting game. Your objective is to sweep all zombies in 3 locations to earn as much money as possible.

Play this game now to become a brave soldier and participate in the fierce fight with zombies. Your mission is to go to the places where the infection started and kill all zombies there. Be careful! The zombies are pretty crowded and some zombies run very fast. Therefore, you have to aim accurately at their head and kill them with one shot. The number of bullets is limited, so attempt to kill all zombies you run out of bullets. In case you run out of bullets, you can kick or through the grenades to damage more zombies. Run as fast as possible to avoid the attacks of the zombies if you don't want to lose soon. Try your best to kill all zombies to earn as much money as possible. Spen the money you earn at the store to buy a variety of guns.

This game offers 3 locations including Wasteland, Crimson East and Zone 41. Do your best to defeat all zombies in all these places to prevent the spread of a zombie virus. Break a leg!

Features of Realistic Zombie Apocalypse 2022:

  • Various guns to purchase
  • 3 maps to play
  • Simple control
  • Stunning 3D graphics and scary sound effects

How to play:

  • Press the "WASD" keys to move
  • Press the right mouse button to aim
  • Press the left mouse button to shoot
  • Press an "E" key to change gun
  • Press a "G" key to throw a grenade
  • Press an "F" key to kick.
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