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Welcome to the whimsical and enchanting world of, where creativity knows no bounds, and the magic of origami comes to life in the digital realm! This delightful and innovative online game transports players into a paper-crafted wonderland where they can fold, craft, and customize their own paper animals to embark on thrilling adventures and engage in friendly competitions.

In, you'll step into the shoes of a skilled paper artist, armed with the power of imagination and a palette of vibrant colors. Your mission? To fold and fashion a wide array of adorable paper animals, each with its unique traits and abilities. These origami creations will be your companions and allies as you navigate the captivating landscapes of this unique virtual world.

How to play

Create Your Account:
Start by visiting the website or downloading the mobile app. Follow the registration process to create your account.

Choose Your Paper Animal:
After logging in, you'll be prompted to select your first paper animal. These animals will be your companions and characters in the game, each with its unique abilities and attributes. Choose one that resonates with your style and preferences.

Fold and Customize:
Now comes the fun part! Use the in-game tools to fold and customize your paper animal. You can change its colors, patterns, and add accessories to make it truly unique. Your creativity is your limit.

Explore the World:
Once your paper animal is ready, you'll be able to explore the enchanting world of Navigate through different landscapes, each with its own challenges, quests, and hidden secrets.

Collect Resources:
Throughout your journey, gather resources like colored paper, special folding techniques, and other items. These resources can be used to improve your paper animal, unlock new abilities, or craft additional animals.

Embrace the enchanting world of, where the art of origami meets online gaming. Unleash your creativity, conquer challenges, and embark on a delightful adventure with your paper animal companions.




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