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Tanks Zone IO

Tanks Zone IO is a popular game with an ultimate tank. You must help it to defeat the other tanks and get as many gold coins as possible to upgrade the tank.

In this game, you have an important mission which is to control the powerful tank to defeat the opponents' tanks. Before joining the intense match, you must pass some simple exams that will help you drive well, and you will feel more confident. Explore the match to find out your enemies, and then fight as a real warrior. Your enemies' tanks are hazardous, and they always want to kill you, so you need to come up with some excellent strategy to win. In addition, they also have many various weapons that have great power. If you want to change the weapons, you must accumulate many gold coins. The gold coins will increase after you defeat the other tanks. Try to destroy as many tanks as possible.

Upgrade and buy some items in Tanks Zone IO

You can upgrade some aspects such as Field of view, Passability, Balance, Accuracy, Turning speed, etc.
In the shop: you can buy some items such as bombs, smoke bombs, and health. First, the bombs can help you destroy a lot of tanks at the same time, which means you can clear almost the tanks in a place. Remember that you must use it in urgent cases. Second, use the smoke bomb to limit your enemy's looks. You will have some seconds to escape. Finally, health will help you to increase your power to continue.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to look around.
  • Use WASD to move.
  • The left mouse to shoot.
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