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Street Fighter 2

Ways to win battles in Street Fighter 2

Ryu and Sagat are fighting against each other in Street Fighter 2. Play as Ryu and try to defeat Sagat by punching or kicking him until he runs out of blood.

This game offers the battle. In this battle, you will transform into Ryu who is a strong fighter. Your opponent is Sagat who is really strong and higher than you. You must punch or kick to take down Sagat at all costs. Besides, you also need to move left or right or jump to evade the attacks of Sagat. The one whose blood bar is empty first will be the loser. Therefore, you need to be careful. If you can knock out your rival, you will be rewarded with one point. The battle only ends when one of the two fighters scores three points first. Can you gain three points first and become the winner? Play the game and prove that you are the most powerful fighter.

How to control

Press the Left-Right keys to move left or right.

Press an Up Arrow Key to jump.

Press a Down Arrow Key to sit.

Press A, S, or D key to punch.

Press the A and S or S and D keys for a special attack.

Press X or C key to kick.

Press X and C keys to fly and kick.

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