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Command Strike FPS

Command Strike FPS is a thrilling shooting game. Your mission is to destroy all enemies for a chance to survive and obtain as many gold rewards as possible.

This is an action game with many different missions. You have to do daily tasks to get more gold. Besides daily tasks, you have complete the main missions. You can choose the location of the quest to be in the Pool, Alleyway, or industrial. In each location, there will be up to twenty different levels for you to try. Unlock all levels if possible. You can also play with other players by clicking on the Multiplayer section. Both you and other players will be placed on a team at random. There are three modes when playing multiplayer Free For All, Team Deathmatch, or Capture The Flag mode. This game is intriguing because you will fight anywhere within various matches which have varied scenery. In addition, after each battle, you will receive a reward of gold. The more opponents you kill, the more gold you have. This gold can be exchanged for more advanced weapons. Based on the gun's stats as damage, fire rate, distance, and capacity stat, let's choose the best gun. You can set the sound, game, and language to make it more convenient to play.

Features of Command Strike FPS:

  • Can play solo or multiplayer mode.
  • Guns can be upgraded in the Arsenal section.
  • Many tasks to complete.
  • Matches with many different scenes attract players.

How to play:

  • WASD to move
  • G to use a grenade
  • H to use first aid kit
  • C to squat
  • M1 to aim
  • M2 to shoot
  • SPACE to jump
  • ESC to back menu
  • SCROLL WHEEL to change the weapon
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