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Dino Game

Dino Game is a browser game created by Google that is integrated into the Google Chrome web browser. Your mission is to go as far as possible without stopping.

Help the dinosaur realize his goal since he can't do it without you. Start a desert race, leap over cacti, establish fantastic records, and have fun.

Your aim is to continue ahead without halting as far as possible while avoiding the cactus-shaped obstacles and the menacing pterodactyls that will be on the watch at all times. Show off your athletic abilities and quick reflexes, and then share your top score in order to break the world record - good luck!

How to play:

  • Spacebar or ↑ key to start Dinosaur Game.
  • Press and hold ↑ or SPACEBAR to make the dinosaur jump higher.
  • ↓ key to avoid the falcon.
  • ALT or F11 key to pause the game.
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