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How to win the shootout in invites you to attend a thrilling shooting war in which you can show off your shooting skills. Take down other shooters and capture the arena.

If you are crazy about shooting games, do not miss playing this game. It is an awesome multiplayer shooting game featuring the first-person perspective. In this game, you will become a professional shooter who is equipped with a sniper rifle. Your enemies are anywhere in the arena, so you need to find them and kill them. Note that you should not try to confront them. Instead, ambushing is a good fighting strategy that protects you from their attacks. Besides, you can see some green zones in the arena. If you stand in these zones, you will get more points automatically and can unlock tier cards freely. Moreover, some power-ups scattered in the arena are also useful items for you. Therefore, attempt to collect power-ups to regain your blood faster and claim more ammo.

The allotted time of a shooting battle is 5 minutes. When the time is over, the one with the highest rank will become the winner. Then, you and the other players will be teleported to another arena to continue the battle for 15 seconds.

How to control

Press WASD keys to move

Press the Spacebar to jump.

Press an R key to reload.

Press an E key for a melee attack.

Press an F key to throw items.

Press a B key to buy.

Press a Shift or RMG to focus.

Press an H key to dance.

Press an Enter to chat.

Hold B to turn cards.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

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