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Maybe you want to play.

In, players will enter the domain of hardworking ants and engage in epic battles for survival, dominance, and resources. 

How to play game

This real-time strategy game takes place in a society of ants. Players assume the role of a formidable ant queen and lead their colony to victory. As you navigate the complex tunnels and chambers of your anthill, you will encounter a variety of obstacles, such as accumulating sustenance and expanding your territory, as well as defending against rival ant colonies.

Upon entering the game, you can join an existing colony or create your own. Joining a pre-existing colony is a wonderful method to learn the game at first.

Your primary objectives are sustenance collection and colony expansion. To dispatch your ants to collect food sources such as fragments, foliage, and other invertebrates, simply click on them. Your worker ants will gather sustenance and transport it back to the anthill automatically.

Controls: is played predominantly with a computer mouse.

Use the mouse to click and drag to select ants.

Right-click the designated insects to relocate them.

To interact with objects (food, hostile insects, etc.), use the left mouse button.

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