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Doomz.IO is a survival io game in which your mission is to survive as long as you can and you must compete with all the other players from across the world.

The game is a widely popular massively multiplayer online game. The three main focuses of the ultimate goals are building, defending, and surviving. In order to prevent the adversary from invading or stealing your achievements, you must first develop your base. Second, your next task is to engage in combat. You'll only get a chance to obtain additional goods if you can defeat the enemy. You can become stronger with the aid of these things. Finally, if you want to win, keep going till the end. Don't let anyone take your life. You can also buy a lot of good items in the shop. For example, the Spikes help to deal with damage if an enemy encounters it. The Stone Wall helps to defend your base. The Blocker to prevent other players from building near your base, etc. Therefore, collect gold coins to buy them and change your character. This is also considered an action and strategy-based game that is perfect to kill your free time. This highly addictive 2D game is focused on both building and survival. It has a unique concept and a brilliant game style.

Features of Doomz.IO:

  • Multiplayer.
  • The shop sells spikes, stone walls, blockers, shock gates, bear traps, swords, great axe, etc.
  • Can chat with other players.
  • Many attractive missions you cannot miss.

How to play:

  • "WASD" keys to move
  • Space key to gather/attack
  • Mouse to look around
  • "RMB" keys to empty hand
  • E key to auto attack
  • Q key to select health potion
  • 1-6 keys or click to select items
  • I key or Tab key to open inventory/ shop
  • Enter key to chat
  • ESC key to close the window.
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