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Maybe you want to play.

In the game, you fight alongside armed impostors in battles.

The stakes are clear, and everyone is in the same boat (or rather, spaceship). Hit all of the enemies with melee weapons to defeat them. To level up and become stronger, collect energy cubes. Don't let your health get too low, and fight until you reach the top of the leaderboard.

Choose an appropriate target, attack, collect your rewards, and flee from the bigger guy. There will be no hiding or pretending - just intense action and epic gamer moments. The only issue is that other players have similar skills to you. Sharpen your reflexes and improve your fighting skills, and you'll always come out on top.

How to play game:

Move the mouse cursor to control the alien - the character will follow you wherever you point. Attack with the left click, and boost your movement speed with the right click. The latter depletes some of your energy, so make good use of it. The only way to level up and improve your stats is to collect cubes. It also restocks a set number of health bar segments. When you're on the verge of dying, stay away from danger and look for sources of energy.

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