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Merge Melons

Merge Melons is an enjoyable game of fruit matching. Drop similar fruit slices together to combine them. When you're stuck, use the power-ups at the bottom.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward: combining two fruits of the same kind will result in the creation of a bigger fruit, and so on until the biggest fruit is a very huge watermelon. This is a fun game with gameplay that is somewhat comparable to the once-popular game 2048. You have failed the level when the fruits do not combine, continue to ascend and reach the upper limit line. You will get a heads-up from the game in the event that the fruits need to reach the limit line before continuing. This game's gameplay is quite similar to the puzzle game Tetris, which members of the 8th and 9th generations enjoyed playing when they were younger.

Before you begin the game, you must learn the rules and the sequence in which the fruits are entered, from little to big, as follows:

To form half a cherry, combine two halves of purple mangosteen (or grape) (red flesh with yellow seeds).

To form an orange half, combine two halves of a red cherry (orange inside).

To form half a lemon, combine two orange halves (yellow inside).

To form a kiwi, combine two halves of a lemon (green inside).

To form half a red tomato, combine two kiwi halves.

To form a Yellow Peach, combine two red tomatoes.

To form a yellow melon, combine two yellow peaches.

To form a coconut, combine two cantaloupes.

To form half a Watermelon, combine two halves of a coconut.

To form a big watermelon, combine two halves of a watermelon.

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