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Metal Black Wars

Metal Black Wars is a fantastic shooting game. Your mission is to destroy all the opponent's army and collect as many gold coins as possible.

You will control your character to join the fight against the enemy's army, which is illegally invading. The number of enemies is enormous, and all of them are equipped with modern and advanced weapons. Your mission is to destroy all of them with your gun. Shoot them down before you are unlucky to get bullets first. Jump over obstacles to get closer to the target and then destroy them. It would be best if you shot down the barriers in front of the enemy to make them fall more easily. In addition, if you find them too crowded and you are in danger of being defeated, quickly use bombs. Bombs will help you destroy many enemies at the same time. You will not lose time and waste energy and them. However, you must collect as many gold coins as possible to get bombs.

The amount of gold you earn can be used to upgrade your character. New characters will have more superior characteristics with better health and faster speed. You will fight better with the help of advanced weapons. Use gold coins to buy them.

Features of Metal Black Wars:

  • There are three modes: Normal, Hard, and Crazy.
  • Upgrade weapons with various weapons from Primary, Special, Grenade, and Melee WP.
  • The character can be upgraded with more vital health and faster speed.
  • many campaigns are waiting for you to unlock.

How to play:

  • "WASD" keys to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • "J" or left- mouse to shoot
  • "K" to throw bombs
  • "L" to heal
  • "R" to reload.
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