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Candy Jump

Candy Jump is a colorful journey through the world of sweets. You have to get your sweets past the changing barrier and try to get as many rewards as possible.

How to play

This game's addictiveness stems from its easy gameplay! There is just one thing you need to do: Jump. Each wall that is successfully traversed adds one point to the player's tally. To be successful and earn at least 10 points, the participant will need to demonstrate excellent timing and spatial reasoning. Concentrate on the movement of the figures and attempt to determine the trajectory of a jumping game element. The caramel awaits a color change after overcoming the obstruction. Alternate rapidly and keep moving. There are the most intricate geometric shapes, colorful spirals, and rainbow elements awaiting you, which will instantaneously paint the chip any color. Prepare yourself for a vibrant and unexpected experience. The game is somewhat infantile due to its vibrant colors and upbeat audio. However, a true conundrum is concealed behind the adorable design and straightforward graphics. Involve logic, mathematics, and the ability to concentrate in order to complete the mission. Avoid on focusing on vibrant and colorful shapes.


Use the mouse.

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