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Welcome to - a captivating universe where strategy, skill and a bit of luck collide in an epic clash on cosmic scale! In a distant corner of the galaxy, a celestial arena known as the Litemint has become a battleground for brave astronauts from every corner of the universe. They gather here not only to prove their mettle but also to assert their status as supreme cosmic strategists.

In, you'll need to master the delicate balance between resource management, tactical intelligence, and diplomatic ingenuity. Engage in intense real-time battles where every decision you make matters, from positioning and ship formation to weapon selection and defensive maneuvers. Collect valuable resources scattered throughout the arena to upgrade your ships, unlock powerful technologies, and strengthen your defenses.

How to play

Playing is a fun and strategic experience that requires a combination of skill, strategy and adaptability. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to play the game:

1. Access the game:
Open your web browser and navigate to the website.

2. Select a username:
When entering the game, you need to choose a unique username that other players will identify you with.

3. Instructions (If any):
If the game offers a tutorial, you should check it out. The tutorial will introduce you to the basic mechanics, controls, and strategy of the game.

4. Enter the Cosmic Arena:
After completing the tutorial (or if there is no tutorial), you will be taken to the cosmic arena where the gameplay unfolds.

5. Navigate your ship:
Control your spaceship using the provided controls. This may involve using keyboard keys, moving the mouse, or a combination of the two. Get familiar with how to move your ship smoothly and efficiently.

6. Gather resources:
Navigate around the arena to collect resources scattered throughout. Resources are essential to upgrade your ship and unlock advanced technologies.

7. Upgrade and Customize:
Access the upgrade menu to enhance your ship's capabilities. You can upgrade its weapons, armor, speed and other attributes. Choose upgrades that suit your preferred playstyle and strategy.

8. Join the battle:
Encounter other players' ships in the cosmic arena. Engage in real-time battles by strategically positioning your ships, choosing the right weapons, and employing defensive tactics. Your goal is to defeat your opponent while preserving the integrity of your ship.

9. Enjoy and compete:
The essence of is both competition and fun. Participate in battles, connect with other players, and enjoy a cosmic experience.
Keep in mind that may have its own unique mechanics and features, so it's important to read any instructions provided in the game and adjust your strategy accordingly. Good luck, commander, and may the universe support you!

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