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Advertisements is a fantastic water sliding game in which you must dodge obstacles, battle other players and win by being the first to reach the bottom pool.

Try to be the first to reach the bottom pool in this addicting online game. Take to the slide in this hilarious version of the multiplayer game to prove you're the fastest of the 15 challengers. Collect speed boosters, defeat other players by pushing them off the edge, and win each game. In addition, to reach your objective safely, you must avoid obstacles along the way and engage in combat with other players.

Races have never been more enjoyable! Let's come to this fascinating water slide game if you're tired of vehicle racing. A water wonderland with colorful slides will transport you to a relaxing paradise.

Features of

  • Cool and colorful graphics
  • Attractive and simple game
  • Singleplayer

How to control

  • Arrow Keys/A-D/ Mouse while pressing the left button
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