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Lands of Blight

Lands of Blight is an action/melee warfare game in which you must assist a little, valiant lone soldier in his struggle against hordes of living sinister.

Explore the game Lands of Blight

You just walk around the area and fight as many monsters as you can while trying to get away from them. As you kill your many enemies, you will gain experience and level up, just like in other rogue-lite and role-playing games. And every time you gain a level, you get a random ability that changes how you play the game. You have to choose which power-up you want because it will change how you play. Plan out how your hero will grow and make sure you only pick the best powers to help you get through the night. There are powers like healing, making attacks stronger, making the area of hits bigger, and even spells like fireball and lightning strike that are fun to use. Make sure you hit the chests so you can get some surprises.

How to play

Move - WASD or Arrow keys

ESC - Pause or unpause

Space bar - Accept choice

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