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Vex 3

Play Vex 3- Complete difficult side tasks to uncover tons of great goodies and progress through a new series of challenging platform levels.

Get ready for one of the most challenging journeys of your life!

With its action-packed gameplay and several levels filled with fiendish traps, the Vex series continues to face down peril! The stick man is back in Vex 3 and eager to take the world. Because you'll be sprinting, jumping, climbing, swimming, and rolling, start with stretching your muscles. You'll face lasers, spikes, and a slew of other hazardous hazards! Are you able to avoid them all?

In the world of Vex 3, danger is always present. Your goal as a player is to navigate across the map and dodge the traps on your route to the various levels or acts. Each act contains problems that must be solved in order for the level to be completed. Some of these pitfalls will be simple to avoid. You can stay on course with a well-timed jump, roll, or dodge. When you're faced with trap after trap, timing and swift maneuvers are crucial to your survival. It's simple to control your stick man character (use your WASD or arrow keys), but finishing the actions is difficult.
Some hazards move around, while others stay there. Take a moment to memorize the movement pattern of the moving traps before attempting to pass them. Many of these will necessitate multiple attempts. Checkpoints are crucial in this situation. The flagpoles strewn across the level serve as checkpoints. You can resurrect at the current checkpoint. At any given time, only one checkpoint can be active. To get through some of the acts, you'll need a key to enter a door. It's not easy to obtain the keys. You'll make it if you keep your focus on your surroundings. There are a total of ten regular stages to accomplish, but you may also unlock more difficult modes to play.


Use the arrow or WASD keys to play the game.

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