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Flap Royale

Within the expansive and perpetually changing realm of mobile gaming, programmers persistently endeavor to establish novel and captivating encounters. Amidst the plethora of games contending for audience interest, one particular game, Flap Royale, has emerged victorious and captivated gamers across the globe. This captivating and inventive game infuses the well-known endless runner genre with a novel perspective by merging components of strategy, skill, and whimsical allure.

How to play Flap Royale

Your bird will advance autonomously. Engage in a challenging journey across a variety of obstacles and floating islands by manipulating the bird's ascent and descent via touch controls. Accumulate boosters and power-ups that are dispersed throughout the game as you soar. Power-ups may consist of shields, mobility increases, and other benefits.


Strategically plan your movements in order to circumvent obstacles and outmaneuver opponents.
Strategically employ power-ups in order to attain a competitive edge over fellow competitors.


Flap Royale employs straightforward one-touch controls.
Your bird can spread its wings by tapping the display.
By holding the display, the bird will ascend.


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