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Funny Blade & Magic

Take part in the fight in Funny Blade & Magic

It is time to join a revenge plan in Funny Blade & Magic. Use an ax to defeat as many enemies as possible to earn coins and regain your throne.

Actually, you used to be a king in a monster land. Every day, you and your subordinates fight against enemies, stole gold, and lived happily. However, one day your unknown uncle came and usurp your throne. When being too disappointed, you met your fairy Godmother. She offered you an ax and suggested a revenge plan. Use this ax as a weapon and come back to revenge your uncle and traitors now. Kill all enemies on the map and collect coins dropped from them.

You can use the coins to purchase stronger axes. Moreover, you also need to upgrade your abilities, health, mana regeneration speed, throw distance, and coin attraction radius. In addition, do not forget to customize your appearance to become the coolest warrior.

How to control

Press WASD keys to move.

Press the WASD +C keys to dodge the attack of enemies.

Hold the Shift + W keys to run.

Press the Spacebar to jump.

Click the left mouse button to attack.

Press a R key to throw an ax.

Press a F key to use an ability.

Press a G key to complete the fight.

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