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Twin Shot

Many people love the multiplayer adventure platform game Twin Shot. You play the role of a little angel. You defend your territory using your bow and arrows.

Game features


Twin Shot's 2D graphics are basic but gorgeous. The game's scenes and characters are made in a cartoon style with many colors and textures. Explosion and arrow shooting effects are equally impressive and vivid.

Two player mode

Choose two-player mode that allows you to play with friends. Playing as two separate angels, you and your companions must work together to complete each level.

Tips in this game

  • Precise aiming is necessary to kill enemies quickly and save arrows. To create secondary effects such as explosions, drops, or explosions, you can also shoot at nearby objects.
  • To improve the accuracy and curvature of your arrow, you should shoot it off the wall. Arrows can be shot into the wall to form a curve or into the corner of the wall to form a straight line.
  • To improve your score, you should collect gold coins. Each level has several locations where you can collect gold coins or you can get them by eliminating enemies. Gold coins can also be used in the store to purchase upgrades and other goods.

How to play Twin Shot

  • The W, A, S, D keys or arrow keys must be used to move. You can avoid obstacles, climb ropes and jump on platforms.
  • You must use the F key or the spacebar to shoot arrows. Arrows can be used to knock down enemies or build stairs by shooting arrows at walls.
  • Destroying every enemy in each level is necessary to complete the level. To improve your score, you can also collect gold coins.
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