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Dragon Simulator 3D

Dragon Simulator 3D is an exciting simulation game. Let's complete system missions, kill other dragons, animals, and hunters, and get as many coins as possible.

In this game, you will transform into the giant dragon you need to explore every corner of the island and fight other dragons you encounter during your journey. You can use your skill to make the dragon take off in the sky or fight on the ground. Besides fighting with other dragons, you also need to be careful not to get killed by hunters. They hunt you hard, which puts you under a lot of pressure. Use the map to observe their location. You become more prominent every time you complete a mission and can continue to the next level.

Customize and upgrade characters in Dragon Simulator 3D

Four types of dragons are the Fire dragon, Water dragon, Air dragon, and Natural dragon. They have both unique fighting skills and outstanding features. For example, the fire dragon can spit fire to defeat the opponent. Vice versa, the water dragon will use water as its weapon.

You can customize your dragon thanks to the number of bonuses you get. You can adjust the wings, legs, and body of the dragon. In addition, the skin can also be changed to better suit each level and each map.

Press the Wooden body, Runner, and Gatherer buttons to make your character more vigorous than ever. These can increase the life points, the speed, and the chance to gather more food from animals of all dragon family members.

How to play

  • WASD to move
  • H to hide interface
  • L to lock cursor
  • Space bar to jump
  • C to down
  • Q to take off
  • Shift keys to speed up
  • Left mouse to range attack
  • Right mouse to attack
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