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Chicken Merge

Join the fierce battle of chicken warriors in the game Chicken Merge right now! You must create a powerful chicken army to fend off enemy attacks in this game.

About Chicken Merge game


Your goal is to protect your base from waves of enemy attacks by deploying some chickens. Your chicken units can be reinforced and further trained.


The Chicken Merge game is very interesting. Bright colors and cartoonish flair characterize the game's 2D graphics. The sound of a rooster crowing is just one of the entertaining sound and visual effects in the game. When grafting chickens, you will observe heart-shaped clouds. Harvesting hens can also observe the effect of falling gold coins. To further challenge players, the game offers a variety of missions and levels.

Principles of the game

To combine the same chickens into a stronger chicken, you just need to drag and drop them. Grab the fresh chicken and drag it into the defensive line. Keep doing this until all your guardian chickens can repel all types of enemies! You can get bigger upgrades and weapons to make your weapons better as you get stronger.

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