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Guns & Bottles

Guns & Bottles is an exciting shooting game with a completely new gameplay. Your mission is to break all the crockery bottles at each level.

Features Guns & Bottles game

Game missions

To get a high score in the game Guns & Bottles, your goal is to shoot at the spinning bottles. The game is more difficult because your pistol is also spinning in its position.


To shoot at the bottle, you must touch the screen. To collect five coins, you need to shoot three bottles in a row. However, you cannot aim for the red bottle. Shooting at them will end the game. To unlock 12 super guns, you must have money.

Game characteristics

  • Fun and realistic collision physics
  • There are many types of guns for you to choose from
  • The bottles rotate in different directions and at different speeds.

Tips in Guns & Bottles game

To hit the bottle, you need to touch the screen at the most appropriate moment. Pay attention to the speed and direction of rotation of the bottle and gun. The bottles should face your pistol when you shoot at them. Furthermore, try to seize the opportunity when your gun is pointing at the bottle at any time. As a result, you will be able to reduce wait times and improve accuracy.

Each gun has its unique effects and characteristics. Try out different guns until you find the one that best suits your play style.

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