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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a ragdoll dynamics game with side-scrolling gameplay. In Happy Wheels, you have to be skillful and careful in the game. You can choose one of our many characters to complete the challenge in the best way. Try to pass through the levels with one of the special characters without losing any limb.

Does it seem to be simple? No, it does not. Happy Wheels was one of the first browser games to use bizarre ragdoll physics as an element of games. With its crazy mechanics, bizarre characters, and elaborate user-created levels, Happy Wheels took the web-browser gaming landscape by storm from 2010. You will discover the ingenious levels and check out the different characters in their original form, which is still available today.

You can play through a variety of original levels in Happy Wheels. there are a plethora of options to pick from, some of which are easier to complete with specific characters. You might find yourself riding your wheelchair through someone's stomach or plowing through a forest on an angry cat, depending on the stage.

Each level has a different objective, such as completing the end or obtaining all of the tokens. Any of the stages are completely pointless. You can even create your own and share them for review with the rest of the planet.

In a platformer, the characters in Happy Wheels are far from normal. Each character in Happy Wheels has a special skill. Wheelchair Guy can turbo speed his jet thrusters to fly higher, and Segway Guy can jump.
Wheelchair Guy, a somewhat neglected older man in a jet-powered wheelchair, is the first actor. As you would expect, controlling a jet-powered wheelchair without risking serious damage is difficult.

Feature of Happy Wheel

  • There are several levels created by users to play on.
  • There are many amusing ways to fulfill your destiny.
  • Various characters, each with their own set of advantages
  • Create and customize your own levels.


  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use the space key to the primary action.
  • Use Shift/Ctrl to perform secondary actions.
  • Use Z to eject.

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