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King Of Fighters

King Of Fighters is a dramatic action game. In this game, your task is to defeat your opponent to be able to win by using your excellent skills.

This is a game that is no longer strange to those who are passionate about fighting games. You can transform into game characters such as Kyo, Lori, Mai, etc. These characters have their strategies and special fighting styles. These new characters, in general, have successfully created their style, as well as clearly showing the game's character creation ability. You can use each character's unique skills to defeat your opponent. Quickly unleash powerful punches and lightning-fast kicks to knock your opponents down. Pay attention to the strength bar to see how long you have left to come up with a better strategy for you.

In this game, there are many character skills used. You must combine keys to defeat the enemy. Hit your opponent hard, so they do not have a chance to get up and defeat you. Are you the fastest and strongest here? Try to beat your opponent. You can select from a variety of game modes. You can battle your pals or the computer. After being stressed and exhausted, create moments of relaxation with this game.

Features of King Of Fighters:

  • There are three game modes: 1P Vs Com, 1P Vs 2P, and Com Vs Com.
  • You Can choose the character that you want.
  • Attractive gameplay with many techniques used.
  • Can combine keys to create many new skills for the character.

How to play:

Player 1:

  • WASD to move.
  • UIJ to punch.
  • KIL to kick.

Player 2:

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • 4, 5, 1 to punch.
  • 2, 6, 3 to kick.
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