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Paint Strike

In the 3D Paint Strike shooting game, you can paint the entire surface by shooting. You shoot nearby objects and opponents to create a paintball effect.

Game features

Game graphics

Paint Strike's 3D graphics are very imaginative and different. Paint is used in the game to create secondary effects such as explosions, drops, and explosions. Each paint color has a unique effect. for example, blue causes drops, yellow causes explosions, and red causes explosions. You can choose and modify a variety of weapons and characters in the game. With the money earned from each battle, you can also personalize your character and buy new weapons.


  • WASD or arrow keys are used to move.
  • Paint is shot using the F key or the spacebar.

Tips for you

  • You can avoid obstacles, climb ropes, and jump on platforms. Paint can be thrown at items to create secondary effects or at enemies to destroy them.
  • To complete the levels, you must use your paint to dominate the area. To improve your score, you can also collect gold coins.
  • You can choose multiplayer mode so you can play with your friends. Together, you and your friends will battle other teams to determine who can claim the most ground.
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