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Nugget Royale

Nugget Royale, you play a small chicken fighting a destitute life on a factory farm, fighting in royal style and against with 80 other online players. Trapped in a chicken coop, launched by a conveyor belt, it was a sad world.

Score points in the form of nuggets to unlock new hats, such as caps, ketchup caps, deep frying baskets, and drinking cups. Collect all hats! Try to become to only surviving chicken in the battle.

The player who eats the most corn will be the biggest and have an easier time pushing other chickens to the plate. At the beginning of the game, you are at the smallest size, but you have some jump advantages.

How to play Nugget Royale:

  • Walk with the WSAD or arrow keys.
  • Keep space for dashing, use to push other chickens.
  • Double-press the scroll key to sprint

Beside NuggetRoyale, you can play Shell Shockers, an exciting multiplayer first person shooter game.

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