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Animal Hop

Your objective in Animal Hop

Join the adventure to come back home with a little dog in Animal Hop. Hop from one planet to another one to collect bones and reach the home planet.

Oh no! Our little dog gets lost on a strange planet. Can you help him to come back to his home? You must guide the dog to hop from one planet to another safely. Note that all planets are rotating constantly. If you do not aim accurately before hopping, the dog will fly away and die due to lacking oxygen. Therefore, you must pay attention to the white arrow and aim accurately. Besides flying through planets, you also need to help the dog collect as many bones as possible. If you can gather all bones along the way, you will gain three stars. In contrast, if you cannot grab any bone, you will lose.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to make the dog fly.

Explore all worlds in Animal Hop

This game has three worlds. In each world, you can discover many new and interesting things.

  • World 1: It is a classic world in this game. In this world, you just need to collect bones floating in the universe.
  • World 2: In this world, you will gather not only bones but also green gems. These gems can be used to purchase more lives when you unexpectedly fly away from the planet. A life costs two gems.
  • World 3: In this world, you will encounter dangers which are spiky monsters. They fly around the planets and hurt you when you touch them. You must be careful. Try not to evade them if you do not want to die soon.
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