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War Brokers

War Brokers is an intense shooting game. In this game, your mission is to get the highest score or be the last player by shooting up all of the other players.

This is a fast-paced survival shooter focused on compelling tactical options. It will take you to fierce battles for survival and survival is the only goal. You will enter the game and face many other people, each of whom must find a way to eliminate all threats on the map. You need to destroy any opponent you meet on the way to be the sole survivor of the game and win. When participating in the game and arriving on the survival island, you can find different items such as weapons, ammunition, medicine cabinets, etc, which will assist you in the battle.

You can choose from an arsenal of 17 weapons. Each one is carefully tuned for a different feel and play style. Drive an APC or a tank to fight the enemy from a moving armoured fortress. Fly a helicopter or jet while jumping down from the sky. There are quite a few good players that you can meet in the game. If you are looking for faster-paced action, you want to play on Speed 4v4 mode. For strategic fun and the chance to be the top player in the match, you will play Battle Royale mode. Classic 8v8 mode is also interesting.

Features of War Brokers:

  • The game offers better performance, 3D positional audio, and a few cosmetics to get you started.
  • The gameplay is smooth and varied, with multiple different game modes.
  • The weapons are varied and each one is useful in a different scenario.
  • There are multiple different maps, some of which have vehicles including tanks, jets, and helicopters.
  • There are four modes: Speed 4v4, Classic 8v8, Battle Royale, Survival.

How to play:

  • F to exit the plane and free fall.
  • W to dive faster and move forward in free fall.
  • S to drop faster straight down in free fall
  • A - Strafes you left slightly in free fall.
  • D - Strafes you right slightly in free fall.
  • F to open your parachute. If F is not pressed, the parachute opens automatically before you reach the ground.
  • W to glide your parachute forward with minimal drop.
  • S to stall your parachute and drop straight down.
  • A/D to turn left or right.
  • Mouse to look around to see where others are parachuting.
  • N to show the whole map from a top-down view.
  • F to pick up items on the ground.
  • E to use binoculars.
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