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The Walking Merge

If you love the dramatic action shooting game genre, you cannot miss the game The Walking Merge. You are a warrior participating in a fierce battle with zombies.

About The Walking Merge

Game plot

In this game, you have to take part in a fight against zombies. You must try your best to prevent zombies from attacking your base.

Game missions

In the game The Walking Merge, you must combine similar characters in your team to create a new, more powerful character. To get more of those characters, you have to unlock the boxes. Furthermore, in The Walking Merge, you earn money based on the number of opponents you eliminate. Your team's warriors can be unlocked with those coins.

How to play The Walking Merge

  • Merge Warriors: To create a stronger warrior, drag and drop two identical warriors. This will strengthen your defense against hordes of zombies.
  • Maintain a balance in army strength: When the undead approach, make sure you have enough soldiers to handle them. Avoid focusing too much on mergers and ignoring the need for more troops.
  • As the number of zombies increases, you will need to unlock and improve your warriors quickly.
  • Specifically, there will occasionally be zombie bosses in The Walking Merge. You need to be cautious when dealing with them because they are very large and have much stronger strength than other zombies.
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